We proudly cater to clients across Billings, Laurel, Red Lodge, and Bozeman, MT regions, dedicated to delivering pristine tile, hardwood, and carpet surfaces. GPS Commercial Cleaning boasts a rich legacy of over four decades, specializing in the expert cleaning and restoration of diverse flooring types. From healthcare and manufacturing to retail and banking, our esteemed clientele entrusts our seasoned professionals with the task of keeping their floors immaculate.

Whether it’s tile, vinyl, or wood flooring, maintaining their cleanliness at the highest standards demands professional attention. Our skilled cleaning team is primed to elevate the allure of your business environment, leaving it gleaming and inviting.

Why Professional Floor Cleaning?

First Impressions
The advantages of having your business’s floors professionally cleaned are truly multi-faceted. After all, you’ve got just one shot at making that all-important first impression. Ensuring that potential clients are greeted by a gleaming, well-maintained business space and impeccably clean floors can set the stage for success. Moreover, investing in professional cleaning sends a clear message to your employees that their working environment is valued and cared for..

Safety is paramount. Clean floors play a pivotal role in reducing the risk of accidents, thus fostering a secure environment for both your customers and staff. Floors tend to accumulate dirt, dust, allergens, and unseen germs at an alarming rate, potentially leading to illnesses, asthma, and allergies. Regular, professional cleaning serves as a proactive measure, effectively eliminating these hazards and safeguarding the well-being of all.

Ready for Clean Floors?

Contact our team to discuss your floor cleaning and care needs. We’ll talk about the size of your office or facility as well as the type(s) of flooring you have. We’ll then recommend a cleaning routine that fits your business schedule and budget.

Refinishing Wood Floors

Stripping and Refinishing Wood Floors

Is it time to rejuvenate your worn wood floors? GPS Commercial Cleaning specializes in the art of stripping and refinishing hardwood floors. Our proven process can erase years, even decades, of wear and tear from your cherished wood surfaces. Let us work our magic, efficiently restoring your floors to their former glorious beauty.

VCT Flooring Spray Buffing

To keep your VCT flooring gleaming, it demands special care. Our experts possess the knowledge and skill required to expertly spray and buff VCT floors, ensuring they maintain their brilliant shine.

Let us keep your office clean and employees safe