Our being a family-owned company since 1976

Commercial Cleaning Services for Bozeman Area Businesses

Since 1976, Gwenlin Property Solutions has provided top quality commercial cleaning services in Billings, Montana. As our company has grown and expanded, the need for our level of services to the Bozeman area became apparent. Our Bozeman services follow the same high expectations for client communication, quality services and premier operations that we are known for in our other locations.

The highest quality cleaning and professionalism. From the cleaning team assigned to your business to our operational efficiency, you will be happy with every interaction. Smooth and effortless for you is our goal.

We pay attention to detail from the floor boards needing to be wiped down, to the dust accumulating on the back of your computer monitor. Our cleaning staff take pride in doing a great job and making sure your spaces are in pristine condition for you.

Years of experience have taught us the best techniques to use on each surface, the optimal products for the materials in your space and the best practices for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting for the cleanest possible business you can have.

Bozeman area businesses we help are in a variety of industries. Real estate, insurance, architecture and engineering offices. Government offices, academic facilities, and research labs. We are specially trained with HIPAA certifications and experience to clean hospitals, healthcare facilities, dentists and doctor offices. We also work with manufacturing and industrial locations for extreme cleaning services.

Janitorial services for Bozeman area businesses are custom created to make sure your needs are being met and your spaces are clean and sanitary. Regularly scheduled cleaning can be set up on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or ad hoc as needed. Your assigned cleaning crew will be prompt, thorough, detail-oriented, discreet and professional.

Meet Your Bozeman Branch Manager

Meet Shelly, Bozeman Branch Manager of Gwenlin Property Solutions. Shelly is experienced in mold remediation, disaster reconstruction, customer service and operational procedures.