Professional Carpet Cleaning

Dirt, dust, germs, sand, and also dust mites can accumulate in carpets quickly. These can lead to the early breakdown of your carpet fibers because as you walk on the carpet, the sand particles shred the fibers. And things like dust mites and pet dander can trigger allergies and asthma in you, your staff and customers. Gwenlin Property Solutions’ team of professionals will eliminate those germs and dust, helping your business stay clean and healthy.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Having our professionals clean your carpets gives you a much deeper clean than you can accomplish doing it yourself. Our equipment is high-powered to ensure that common household allergens are removed, bacteria is removed and drying is completed. If water is not properly extracted from your carpet fibers from using a low-powered DIY unit, it can cause the carpet to wrinkle or delaminate. In addition, if soap residue is left behind, it causes the carpet fibers to re-soil faster.

Create a Cleaning Plan

The standard rule of thumb is to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 months. Some businesses choose to schedule a spring carpet cleaning yearly. Others like to do it in late fall so it’s spotless for heavy traffic. In any case, we’re happy to meet your schedule and needs.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may need your carpets cleaned more often. If you have high traffic areas, you know that dirt can build up in carpets quickly. Vacuuming is great for routine carpet maintenance, but a deep cleaning is needed. You’ll notice the visible difference after a good shampooing.

You’ll also want to check on the cleaning recommendations from your carpet manufacturer. If you’re not sure what type of carpet you have or how often it should be cleaned, then call us for a consultation.

GPS will Professionally clean your carpets