Dirt, dust, germs, sand, and dust mites can swiftly accumulate within your carpets, posing a threat to the longevity of your carpet fibers. As you and others walk on the carpet, sand particles can shred these fibers, causing early wear and tear. Moreover, substances like dust mites and pet dander can trigger allergies and asthma among your staff and customers. At GPS Commercial Cleaning, our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to eradicating these contaminants, ensuring that your business environment remains both pristine and conducive to good health.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

When you entrust our professional team with your carpet cleaning needs, you’re ensuring a thorough clean that surpasses DIY efforts. Our high-powered equipment effectively eliminates common household allergens and bacteria while ensuring efficient drying. DIY units often lack the power needed for proper water extraction, potentially leading to carpet wrinkling or delamination. Additionally, leaving soap residue behind can accelerate re-soiling of carpet fibers.

Choose our experts for a deep, residue-free clean that maintains the integrity of your carpets.

Let us professionally clean your carpets

Contact our team to discuss your carpet cleaning and care needs. We’ll talk about the size of your office or facility as well as the type(s) of carpets you have. We’ll then recommend a cleaning routine that fits your business schedule and budget.

professional carpet cleaning service

Create a Cleaning Plan

The conventional guideline is to arrange professional carpet cleaning every 12 months. Some businesses opt for an annual spring cleaning, while others prefer late fall to prepare for heavy traffic. Whatever your preference, we’re here to accommodate your schedule and requirements.

In certain cases, your lifestyle might necessitate more frequent carpet cleaning. Areas with high foot traffic tend to accumulate dirt rapidly. While regular vacuuming helps with routine maintenance, a deep cleaning is essential. You’ll truly appreciate the visible difference after a thorough shampooing.

Additionally, it’s advisable to review your carpet manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations. If you’re uncertain about your carpet type or the recommended cleaning frequency, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation. We’re here to assist you in maintaining your carpets effectively.

Let us keep your office clean and employees safe