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Precise Commercial Cleaning for Businesses in Billings, MT

The COVID-19 pandemic’s seizure has slowly allowed offices to reopen after closing to contain the spread. However, with the coronavirus still threatening everyone’s safety, commercial cleaning services in Billings, MT, are very much needed. Hiring a commercial cleaning company ensures your offices are clean and hygienic. But medical facilities, aerospace offices, and other industries require precision cleaning, which is necessary to maintain the devices they are using to function as an office or organization.


What is Precision Cleaning?

Precision cleaning removes contaminants from hi-tech operations, such as biotech and aerospace facilities. The process includes the removal of pollutants such as dust, fibers, and grease to achieve the critical level of cleanliness needed for performance, reliability, and longevity. 

Precision cleaning is a necessary industry where a certain level of microcontaminants can affect output. With that said, the processes require the help of experts.


Techniques Used in Precision Cleaning


Aqueous Cleaning

Aqueous cleaning is a technique that requires the submersion of parts in a water-based solution. This technique is popular because it removes many contaminants, is environmentally friendly, and can be used on various substrates without damaging them. 

Aqueous cleaning involves specialized equipment, such as ultrasonic tanks or sprays cleaning systems.


Solvent Cleaning

When traditional cleaning methods, such as water and detergent, are ineffective, solvent cleaning becomes the alternative. The solvents used in the process are selected based on their ability to dissolve specific contaminants and compatibility with the cleaned material. Solvent cleaning involves immersing the material in bath solvent and rinsing it using a vacuum or compressed air. 


Office cleaners in Billings, MT, commonly use this technique in aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical facilities.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

In ultrasonic cleaning, the material to be cleaned is placed in a tank filled with a cleaning solution, which may be a solvent, water, or a combination of both. High-frequency sound waves are introduced into the solution, causing millions of tiny bubbles to form and collapse. This creates a scrubbing action that removes contaminants from the surface of the material being cleaned.


The frequency and intensity of the sound waves can be adjusted to optimize the cleaning process. Ultrasonic cleaning is known for cleaning complex shapes and hard-to-reach areas.


High-Pressure Spray Cleaning

High-pressure spray cleaning uses a water jet to blast out any impurities from the surface of the material cleaned. This technique is commonly used in industrial applications to clean large or complex parts and components, such as machinery, engines, and turbines.


Wipe Cleaning

This technique utilizes particle-free wipes to wipe delicate surfaces, usually deionized with water or a cleaning solution. Wipe cleaning is commonly used in industries such as electronics and medical device manufacturing, where a high degree of cleanliness is required.


Flush Cleaning

Flush cleaning uses turbulent velocity by directing the cleaning solution onto the material’s surface using a nozzle or other delivery mechanism. This technique is applied when a high-pressure spray alone cannot clean internal pathways like tubes and pipes.


Vacuum Breakout

Vacuum breakout precision cleaning uses a vacuum baking machine to dissipate and eliminate hydrocarbon contaminants from sensitive equipment. Commonly used in industries such as semiconductor and optics manufacturing, where even small amounts of contamination can significantly impact product quality and performance.


Some industries require more than just conventional cleaning to ensure safety and functionality. So if you belong to the sectors that need precision cleaning, call Gwenlin Property Solution for precise commercial cleaning in Billings, MT. Just dial 406-259-7071.

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