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Commercial Cleaning Services

Where spotless cleaning comes to your door.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Where spotless cleaning comes to your door.

GPS Commercial Cleaning - The Only Cleaning Professionals You Need

Cleaning services are something a business enterprise needs to have done regularly, and this is undertaken by professional cleaners. As for the daily janitorial services, that’s the regular task of keeping the workspace spick-and-span like sweeping the floors, cleaning the toilets, dusting surfaces, and getting rid of the trash. This is where we come in as your partner in making the company conducive to productive endeavors.

We offer commercial cleaning services in Billings, MT, and other parts of the state. The jobs we undertake comprise a comprehensive set of services that allow you the convenience of working with only one firm. We have the staff to carry out the day-to-day duties using modern equipment and reliable tactics we’ve developed over four decades.

We are GPS

Called GPS Commercial Cleaning, we pride ourselves on giving the most professional cleaning services in Billings and Bozeman, MT. We have cleaning plans for everything from company headquarters to medical facilities that you can choose from. It’s only right that employees whom you expect to work hard and achieve the goals of your enterprise be spared from having to do housekeeping chores in their workspace.

When it comes to making your office odor- and germ-free, GPS Commercial Cleaning has trained professionals on staff. If you need help with the simple tasks of maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in the office on a daily basis, we can attend to that as well. We have the expertise and the needed gear to handle any mess. If a paper clip falls to the floor and remains unnoticed, our staff will make sure it’s no longer there the next day.

Your Company Needs Our Services

Let’s say a customer or potential client enters your headquarters. If they take a look around, how you set up the service you’ll provide them may influence whether they decide to do business with you again or hire you to complete the task they need to be done. If your consumer isn’t happy with what he or she sees, the person might just go elsewhere. An office that’s seen as clean and orderly comes across as efficient.


Professional cleaners attending to the company allow everybody in the workforce to focus on their duties and responsibilities. They won’t have to do any cleaning up of clutter and dirt. Studies show they feel more driven and are able to concentrate easily in a neat environment. Otherwise, what’s perceived as a visual mess is a distraction and can reduce productivity. Commercial janitorial services in Billings, MT, are the answer.

Types of Professional Cleaning GPS Offers:
We can keep your work environment spotless from top to bottom with our commercial cleaning services. On top of that, with the commercial janitorial services we have, your staff can come to a tidy space to earn a living in the morning. As for us, we’ll work around your busy schedule by emptying your trash cans, cleaning up the pantry, and sanitizing the johns.

Whatever the ecosystem of your place of work might be, we’ll make it worry-free: offices, hospitals and clinics, and retail stores come with hiring professional cleaners worth the budget you’ve allocated for them. Our team is well-trained, and the projects we undertake are insured.

Nobody Does It Better

It’s not just a slogan. It’s a claim founded on a service that GPS Commercial Cleaning launched in 1976. That’s over 40 years of experience gathered by our professional cleaners in the Montana areas of Billings and Bozeman. At your end, you won’t have to flip over the cushion of the office sofa to make it look clean. All you need is commercial janitorial services in Billings, MT.

Some say that a clean place is a sign of no internet connection. It’s not true, and we can be your proof of this. To reach GPS Commercial Cleaning, call Billings at 406-259-7071 and ask for Joel. You can also call 406-414-0074 for Bozeman and look for Shelly. Visit our website now for more information. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 

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